Towy Valley

A stunning route using quieter roads to the village of Rhandirmwyn surrounded by scenic hills following the river Towy.
DISTANCE: 27km / 17 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 300m+ / 980ft+


Gently rolling route to Llangadog and returning on a quiet country road.
DISTANCE: 19km / 12 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 200m+ / 660ft+


A ride to the beautiful village of Myddfai, a place full of historical folklore
DISTANCE: 13km / 8 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 300m+ / 950ft+


Short, quiet and reasonably flat ride up the Towy Valley
DISTANCE: 15km / 10 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 140m+ / 450ft+


Usk Reservoir

Scenic route with a challenging climb through Llandeusant and onto open moorland with views of the mountain of Bannau Sir Gaer.
DISTANCE: 47km / 29 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 630m / 2100ft

Towy & Cothi Valleys

Quiet lanes and incredible scenery to hidden parts of the countryside
DISTANCE: 45km / 28 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 720m+ / 2350ft+


Big views from Epynt mountain, but a killer climb to get up on top!
DISTANCE: 43km / 27 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 700m+ / 2300ft+

Black Mountain

A ride up one of the longest and highest road climbs in Wales
DISTANCE: 68km / 42 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 1150m+ / 3850ft+


Devils Staircase

A ride into some of the most beautiful areas that Wales has to offer. The route includes the imposing 25% climb of Devils Staircase.
DISTANCE: 73km / 46 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 1370m / 4450ft

Llyn Brianne

A ride around what many consider the best road in Wales
DISTANCE: 93km / 58 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 1680m+ / 5500ft+

Llangammarch & Epynt

Scenic ride heading North and skirting the MOD area of Epynt
DISTANCE: 84km / 52 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 1350m+ / 4400ft+

Cothi Valley

Big views and plenty of quiet country roads
DISTANCE: 85km / 53 miles
ASCENT / DESCENT: 1270m+ / 4270ft+